Monday, January 5, 2009

No. 202: FC Santa Coloma (Andorra)

FC Santa Coloma didn't embarrass itself with its 7-2 UEFA Champions League tie defeat to Kaunas of Lithuania in the first qualifying round. Now before you say "How is a 7-2 aggregate loss to a Lithuania side not embarrassing" remember that Kaunas is the club that went on to beat Rangers in the next round and knock the Scotland giant out of Europe all together.

FCSC is in position to make another run at garnering the Champions League spot this year. The club sits just one point behind UE Sant Julia in second place. Both clubs have a +26 goal differential with 12 games to play, including two more against each other. Both clubs will also be in the quarterfinals of the domestic cup in early February.

FCSC has three players who are among the recent call-ups for the Andorra national team, including defender Oscar Sonejee, the most capped player on the Andorra national team.

Rankings so far
1. Manchester United
2. Barcelona
3. Liverpool
4. Chelsea
5. Bayern Munich
6. Inter
7. Juventus
8. Real Madrid

202. FC Santa Coloma (Andorra)
203. Racing FC (Luxembourg)
204. Zeta (Montenegro)
205. Murata (San Marino)
206. Juvenes/Dogana (San Marino)
207. Birkirkara (Malta)
208. Marsaxlokk (Malta)
209. UE Sant Julia (Andorra)

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