Monday, January 12, 2009

Poll results

Voters were divided on whether Aston Villa will finish in the top four, with four votes going in each direction. A week later, and things look a little better for Villa and the results might be different were we to do it again.

While Arsenal were the main team that Villa figured to finish ahead of in the standings, Chelsea might be the new target following a 3-0 thrashing at Old Trafford. Especially if you listen to the Chelsea fans on Sunday and Monday. Scolari? Awful. Ballack? Dreadful. Deco? Done. Drogba? Garbage. Ok, they might be right about that one at the moment.

It's hard to argue against Aston Villa. Ashley Young has emerged as a start out on the win, and Gabriel Agbonlahor has as much pace as anyone in the league. James Milner and Gareth Barry have been solid in midfield, even though they have only four goals between them. Only the injury to lengthy striker John Carew is much of a concern for the team.

If I were to cast the tiebreaking vote, I'd have to say Aston Villa will be in the champions league next year.

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